Susan Carol Ellison

April 2, 1961November 20, 2020

Susan Carol Ellison passed away on November 20th, 2020 in Louisville, KY. She exited this world as she lived it – surrounded by family.

As one of four children, born to Lynn and Ruth (Bauman) Cramer on April 2nd, 1961 in Bay City, MI, her childhood was spent in a close-knit, loving family. While she may have been a subpar softball player, she was an extraordinary sister and daughter. Quite often she served as the mediator between her older brothers, Terry and Brian, while getting into the occasional mischief with her younger sister and closest confidant, Brenda. Much to her mother’s chagrin she left the nest, moving to Caro to work at the Bavarian Inn. During this time she lived with a dear cousin, Karen aka “Frank”. They spent their free time enjoying their “cutting-edge” television and playing the occasional prank at Yogi the dog’s expense. They always knew how to have a good time.

An opportunity presented itself and, in the spirit of adventure, she set off for the west coast, moving a couple thousand miles away from home only to fall in love there with someone who’d lived across the street from her growing up in Fairgrove. Jeff Ellison, who is eternally grateful that she elected to spend her one life with him, asked for her hand in marriage and she said ‘yes’. Their time in California entailed days spent in the pool at the Lords, late nights with Bobby and Steve, attending Padres baseball games to catch up on her reading, and the occasional camping trip, though she was prohibited from driving the RV. But nothing thrilled her more than hosting the Cramer clan, even if it meant dealing with a Terry sightseeing trip. They also started a family with three children, Joshua (Alexis) of Lexington, KY, Kelly (Bill) Moore of St. Paul, MN, and Connor of Lexington, KY.

However, her love of family drew them back east and they settled in Louisville, KY. Being her mother’s daughter, it was her life’s mission to ensure that her home was one in which a homecooked meal was always at the ready, hugs were plentiful, and love was abundant. To say she succeeded would be an understatement. Life in Goshen also involved long walks with Penny, her beloved pet, and baking the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookies, which could be shipped if you knew who to ask. She took advantage of being closer to Michigan by frequently returning to visit family. Summers were spent up in Caseville, especially for the Cheeseburger festival and watching the sun set over the bay at Brian’s. Holidays were particularly meaningful to her as there was nothing that brought her more joy than having a house full of family. Regardless of the occasion, laughter and euchre filled the time.

She was especially proud of her children and the people they’ve grown to become. Serving as the Matron of Honor for her daughter was a cherished highlight and the reception was as an opportunity to witness her love for music and her dance moves. She was blessed with five grandchildren, Kaeley, Liam, and Avery Moore, and Carter, and Brooks Ellison who will always affectionally remember her as “Q”. Whatever they felt like doing, be it reading a book or sitting on her swing on the patio, she was on board. Quite simply, they illuminated her life as she did ours.

Beyond being a tremendous wife, mother, and Q, she was also an incredible friend. Days at Churchill Downs for the Derby, evenings attending Broadway plays, girls trips to Alabama, the St. Patrick’s day parade, and faux thanksgiving celebrations were all a great thrill to her. But, above all, she loved the people she did these things with – the “deck drinkers”, her “tribe”, and her family.

Known by many names (Ma, Q, Friend, Dog, Sissy, Booker), this was a reflection of the roles she played in life and the unique relationships she formed with those that knew her. She was a top-notch baker, real estate agent, hairdresser, interior designer, seamstress, and a number of things too long to list. More than anything she will be missed. Tremendously. She held this family together and provided the sunshine on even the cloudiest of days.

Per her wishes, en lieu of a memorial service, a kickass party with lots of laughter and stories will be arranged in the spring. Rather than sending flowers, which we wouldn’t be able to care for half as well as she could, the family asks that any memorials in her honor be in the form of donations to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA), 14 Pennsylvania Plaza, Suite 2110 New York, NY 10122 (


Susan Carol Ellison

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Laura Corkum

November 27, 2020

25 years ago a nice family moved in across the street. A few weekends later a bunch of cars and dogs occupied their yard and 2 days later after lots of building , laughing,and music there appeared an amazing 2 Nd floor deck with huge stairway to the backyard. It replaced the hotel size balcony with no backyard access. We decided these were the folks to know. Once sue said “everyone wants to be a Cramer” and that is the truth. Whenever their family was in town was wonderful and when they weren’t the 5 Ellisons were just fine. Sue is the best of the best By God s grace we will get through this but we will never get over the loss of sue Ellison .

Sarah Coomes

November 25, 2020

Sue was my next door neighbor for 15 years in Goshen, Ky. We made our “Michigan” connection instantly. We played Bunco together, had bon fires in our backyards with our families, and celebrated our birthdays together with a dinner out with our buddy, Laura, every year. I watched her raise her 3 awesome kids and dog, Penny, with Jeff. There was always so much fun and laughter coming from the Ellison household. They were my “ideal“ family model. I remember the huge crew of extended family members that would come in for Thanksgiving every year. (I even let her borrow my basement refrigerator a few years due to the excess of food.) She supported me and my family when I went through a divorce, helped me haul and burn broken limbs out of my backyard after a storm, let me borrow several food items when needed, and physically helped me prep my house to sell...and then sold it for me!!! :) I’ll never forget when she and Tim came over, unexpectedly, and took down the old awning off my deck and helped me touch up paint several rooms in my house to help get it ready. She was a giver by nature, a mamma bear, and would do anything for her family and friends. I fondly remember her fun, energetic, and bright spirit when she invited me to Derby with her with some family members, and loved being her “date” for the Toys for Tots Ball on the years Jeff couldn’t go...because she knew I would get on the dance floor with her! In addition to all this, she made the best chocolate chip cookies on this planet! This world will never be the same without her “larger than life” spirit. I truly cannot believe she is no longer gracing this earth with her presence. My love for you will be endless, Sue, and my support and prayers for your loving family and friends who are hurting because of your loss will be constant! Although the world has become a bit darker and duller by your sudden death, I know heaven is immensely brighter because you’re in it! Until we meet again, dear friend! 💕

Bobbi Brieske

November 25, 2020

We were instant friends when we met after I was hired at the company where Sue worked. Jeff, Sue, Steve and I spent most weekends together during that time. So many memories flood my mind - all involving laughter and love. Trips to Yuma for the Padres spring training, concerts, parties, late night jacuzzi visits and so much more. And then the day I got fired and Sue left work so we could go get drunk on margaritas. Jeff can fill you in on the rest of that story! Sue was one of only two people that I allowed to call me “Bob”. I had no choice! As much as we hated to see them leave San Diego, I think she really blossomed in KY and loved it there raising the kids. Booker, we will always love you and miss your smiling face.

Beth Condren

November 23, 2020

So many memories. Way back when our girls were in high school ( they are 30 now) we were at Ashley’s house during the summer for a gathering. I remember being seated around the big table on the back patio and Sue and I were talking about life, love, kids, pets...everything under the sun. At one point she said to me “you know, when you love someone, everything else just falls into place”. So true, Susie Q, so true.
At the time she had no idea how incredibly important that phrase would become in my life. She truly had it right.

Shelly Marner

November 23, 2020

Where to start? She could always make you laugh. She’s one of the few people that still call me Mouse. 😊. I remember her going to the roller derby with me one year. We were young but all decked out in white go go boots. We thought we were the coolest. Will certainly miss that smile and the stories she could tell.

Penny Nowotny

November 23, 2020

We lived across the street from the Ellison's for many years. Such nice neighbors, and I am so shocked by her passing. Sending love to the family.

Diane Coronado

November 23, 2020

Sue was my first best friend. I was very scared & shy on my first day of kindergarten & on our first recess I stood at the bottom of the steps afraid to go play & she came up to me & said, “Do you wanna be my friend?” I said yes & for the next 7 years we were inseparable, spending every summer camped at her house uptown, especially during the Bean Festival & never missing Jerry’s MDA marathons. Sue was very loving & devoted & fiercely protective of anyone in her circle back in our childhood days which I know from reading other comments she never stopped being only intensified❣️It is too unbelievable to believe she has left this world & I am so sorry for all her family & friends who will always miss her. She touched so many people in a very beautiful way. You are all in my prayers🙏🏻❤️😢