Michael Barry Healy

October 27, 1972June 16, 2021

Michael Barry Healy was born on October 27, 1972 and passed away on June 16, 2021 and is under the care of Neptune Society.

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Michael Barry Healy

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Katie Gilder

September 8, 2021

Hello beautiful dark unicorn.. I'm sorry missed your departure but I'm glad to see you grew your wings and flew away to the stars and universe. I will miss your beautiful soul.. ✨👈🦄

Richard Sutton

July 28, 2021

I first met Mike Healy in a game called Ever quest little did i know he would become one of if not my best friend. We spent many a useless hour playing games like rust of late and many hours with a rag tag group of friends in world of Warcraft Mike was probably one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met I just learned of his passing from a common friend we were on different spectrums of life he not religious me religious despite that we were able to talk and exchange idea's and generally solve the worlds problems in discord at least that's how we saw it lol. I am going to miss Mike Healey like few other people I have met in my life he was family to me and I wish I could have spoken to him one last time before he passed. It is my most avid wish that he has found peace now. So long old friend you will be missed.

Zoe Merlick

July 24, 2021

I’ve known Mikey since I was 8 years old. I remember sitting in my uncle murads living room the day I met him. He walked in the house, wearing what I called his “Ozzy” glasses which he would argue were “John Lennon” glasses, and the first thing he did was introduced himself and asked if my brother and I were religious. Then he made it a point that we knew that he was not religious and did not believe. Very odd statement to introduce yourself to kids with but that just what mikeys personality was. I didn’t know he would be my closest friend. I grew up spending every weekend, summer, and holiday with him at my uncles house. We stayed up almost every night playing cards against humanity, rock band, or ticket to ride. Rock Band was my favorite game to play with him, he loved to sing and had such an amazing voice and I just loved music in general. He made sure I wasn’t afraid to sing my heart out. One of my fondest memories with him was when Christmas time would come around he would let me set up his Christmas Carol house set he collected while I would watch The Labyrinth and quote the whole movie and sing every song. The last Christmas we spent together right before the pandemic, he didn’t have his Christmas Carol house set but we just watched movies and made jokes and laughed the whole night. Mikey was a very selfless man and would just give to so many people. Even in my adulthood he was looking out for me and my daughter. When I first brought her to his apartment to meet him he basically had a whole nursery set up for her because he said she was the closest he would have to having his own grandchildren. He sold me his first car, gave me his furniture to furnish my home, and so much more. It’s really not about the materialistic things. Because right now I wish I could trade all of these things to have him back. He was a mentor, a friend, and most of all my family. I truly hope he understood how much he was loved.

Robert Bartoo

July 23, 2021

I met Mike Healy many, many years ago when Laurie found a group of nitwits that liked to go out and dungeon crawl in WoW, who happened to have an extra place for me as a healer - Sato, Mark, Mike, Laurie, and I. Constantly getting into trouble because Laurie kept sidetracking to grab some herbalism thing (You'd hear her scream 'BUSH!' and it didn't matter where we were going, you knew she was about to run off). Mike was an INCREDIBLY generous person, to the point I know he neglected himself doing it. Wildly extravagant gifts over holidays and especially for children, and always concerned how someone else was doing rather than himself. I knew he had some health issues as one visit I saw he had his legs compression wrapped, like I had had to go through at one point. Asked him about it and he did a really good job of playing it off, but since it sounded like he was talking to his doctor, I didn't become That Guy and needle him about it. Now I'm kinda wishing I had. He spent an evening earlier this year talking me down from what was probably going to end up a suicide resolution, and I'm just sorry I didn't stay on his case and do more for him. If there IS any kind of peace after death, he's definitely earned it.

Keji Oshin

July 17, 2021

I just moved to NY around 2007 when I met Mike. He was one of the trainers brought in (flown in from Texas where he lived) to come to train the new Ad Traffic Managers. He was down-to-earth, relaxed, funny, and just a really kind human being. I appreciated that in him when we live in a world full of some much evil. He was a rare gem and it was a pleasure to work with him and to keep in touch with him on Facebook over the years. Rest in power Mike.

Andrea Singer

July 8, 2021

I met Mike on a train to Albany. I was in my early twenties, socially anxious, and had never been on a business trip before. I boarded the train and asked if I could take a seat next to him. Figuring out where to sit made me sweat. I was so tangled up in my own self-doubt that nothing else registered. After I sat, Mike introduced himself and we talked and laughed the whole way to Albany. He introduced me to The Killers - Mr. Brightside - and he put me completely at ease. Not an easy task, but Mike was that way. He made an art of putting others at ease with total selflessness and generosity… and as a way to mask his own pain. Years later he told me that he couldn’t believe anyone would choose to share a train bench with a man of his size. He told me he expected people to pass him over and be repelled by him, to imagine he was sweaty and gross and would take up too much space. I told him I thought we had fit on the train bench together perfectly. Two peas in a pod. I’d never given it a second thought except to wonder if he knew how sweaty and anxious I had been. I meant that. We did fit together perfectly. Two odd balls with a lot of love to give and a fair amount of pain that got in the way. I loved him very much. It is with tremendous sadness that I learned of his death today, more than a decade after we met and several years since last we spoke. Mike was a tremendous presence in this world. He was courteous, patient, good-humored, charming, chipper, generous with his optimism despite his struggles, and utterly committed to sharing his love and resources with others. I have never met anyone else like him and I never will. Rest In Peace, Mike, and please know the depth of my love for you which I never knew how to communicate to you adequately when you were alive.

Felix Nystrom

July 8, 2021

It is really hard for me to find the right words to say. Not really sure where to begin to be honest. Working from the UK office our contact was always over the phone or online chat, but always a great experience. However, when I was asked to work at the New York office while the company sorted out issues, Mike was one of the first people to make me feel welcome. We kept in touch ever since and his passing hurts my heart. He will be sorely missed and forever remembered. Rest in peace my friend...

Matthew Parness

July 8, 2021

Mike was the nicest person I have met in my life. His unselfishness to help anyone when asked knew no bounds. Mike helped shape my career but also taught me how to treat and work with others. I was glad to ave known him and call him a friend. Mike will be greatly missed.

David Sidman

July 8, 2021

I just learned of Mike's passing (Rachel, thanks again for reaching out to me), and am simply devastated. You can see how highly I thought of him professionally if you look at the recommendation I posted on his LinkedIn page, but on a personal level, I can't say enough about Mike. I first got to know him when we were two of the three people who were always burning the midnight oil night after night in the Linkstorm office while he was still in NY, and then continued to work closely for the rest of his 11 years with the company. I viewed him as a friend, not just as the heart and soul of the company. He was always cheerful, positive, and a delight to be with. He was respectful of his colleagues, masterful with clients (even the most difficult and uncooperative), and dedicated to his work. Even when fighting serious health issues and other problems, he was unrelentingly optimistic . He always saw the good in people, and was always eager to go the extra mile for them. I will sorely miss him.

Harpreet Singh

July 8, 2021

I was shattered after hearing this sad news yesterday. Mike was my trainer when I started my career in the Online Advertising world at Operative in 2005. He was very nice to his co-workers and always made himself available to help out. RIP Mike and we will miss you.