Laverne Charles Neumann

February 1, 1931October 12, 2020

Born in South Bend, Nebraska Lieutenant Colonel LaVerne C. Neumann Retired from USAF (40 years), passed away at 89 years old in Loveland, Colorado. He was married to his soulmate, Jeanette, for 44 years. He was father to Renee Stuart (Kevin) and Jeff Neumann who reside in Lincoln, Nebraska and step-father to Teresa Farshidnow (Denver, Colorado) and Kim Gundrum (Michael) from Hillsboro, Oregon. Verne loved spending time with his two grandsons and his three step-grand children. He was honored to have seven great-grandchildren. He left behind one brother, James (Bonnie) Neumann and two nieces, as well as many Cousins and Friends.

Verne’s passions included sailing, water-skiing, racquetball, dancing and football. He also enjoyed family barbecues. Verne was an absolute gentleman, a protector of his loved ones, and quite witty. He had a great sense of humor and was larger than life. He was vibrant and colorful. Until the last five years he was strong, and physically active.

We all have wonderful memories that we will cherish forever.


Laverne Charles Neumann

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Andrea Akin

October 28, 2020

I had the honor and priviledge of knowing LaVerne for a short time as one of his caregivers. He was witty, laughed easily and his stock answer when I arrived in the mornings and asked how he was doing was "Well, I'm sober". He had a great sense of humor and we joked quite a bit. You could tell every time he looked at Jeanette just how much he loved and adored her and the same when she would look at him. Spending time with him is a memory I will cherish forever!


October 27, 2020

Vern was a leader, who actually would never ask anyone to do anything that he would not have done or could have not done. himself. Vern, unlike many. listened and took into consideration the opinions of those with whom he worked and of those who worked for him. He was a decisive leader who worked hard, and often long hours. I specifically recall working late and then going to one of Lincoln's finest drinking establishments. While there, he saw a very attractive, young woman with a bubbling personality. With a great smile, he said he wanted to meet her. Being a man of his word, he met her, fell into love and married her; and she replaced the NEANG as the center of his life.


October 21, 2020

We enjoyed Verne, first as our neighbor in Lincoln, and then got to know him even better when we'd visit their various homes away from Lincoln. He and Jeanette always made us feel so welcome on those visits.
We're so happy we were able to spend a little time with him last summer (2019). He was quiet during our visit but was always his gracious self and seemed so happy to see us, as we were him.
We will miss him and his warm twinkle of a smile.
Rest in peace my friend!
Nick and Donna Kazos

Paual Hith

October 21, 2020

I had the distinct privilege to work with Col, Neuman for 32 of his 40 years in the NANG. During his career he mentored hundreds of maintenance personnel on the importance of quality and safety in working on military aircraft. Col. Neuman’s leadership and knowledge were instrumental in the successful transition through five different types of aircraft. But not only did he mentor airmen he also provided guidance and leadership to the officers under his command to develop them to be leaders in the organization. His command of the details of preparing the unit for operational readiness inspections led to many outstanding awards for the eminence section but also for the NANG unit. One incident that sticks out in my mind was when an RF-84 lost its breaks taxing on the ramp Vern ran at the plane throwing chalks under the wheels to try to stop it. While he was not able to stop the plane, he was able to change the course of the plane to run into a blast fence rather than parked aircraft. Vern loved his family, roller skating, and his country. It was an honor for me to know and work with Vern.

Roger Lempke

October 20, 2020

I was very fortunate that Vern was the maintenance commander when I joined the Nebraska Air National Guard in 1984. He quickly taught me the "Guard way" of doing things and the great value of the NCO corps. The RF-4C was a difficult aircraft to maintain, but under Vern's leadership the 155th Air Reconnaissance Group became a top unit, not just in the National Guard, but the entire Air Force. A 155th Maintenance team at the Reconnaissance Air Meet (RAM) in 1988 won the outstanding maintenance trophy against the best the USAF and allied nations had to offer.

To Vern: "Here's a toast . . ."

Paul Cohen

October 19, 2020

I had the privilege of working with Verne in the Nebraska Air Guard for many years. He was an outstanding leader and team member who always insisted on doing things the right way, not always the easy way. He cared for those he supervised and made their safety a top priority. He cared for the aircrews by insisting the level of aircraft maintenance and safety for which he was responsible was the absolute best. He cared for his state and nation by contributing his energy and skill to their defense. Most of all, he cared for his family and that showed in his devotion to Jan. Verne was a friend in every sense of the word. He leaves a legacy to be envied and emulated. Our heartfelt condolences to Jan and all of Verne's family.
Paul and Arlene Cohen

cheryl pribble

October 19, 2020

One more photo!

cheryl pribble

October 19, 2020

I cherish the friendship that developed between LaVerne, Jeanette, and me. What a close, beautiful couple who always welcomed me nto their home. I represented them as their Realtor in purchasing their home here in Loveland, and I now actually live in it! I bought the home from them when they decided to move. I still see signs of the care Verne gave this home from my Christmas lights in the garage to the covered patio in my back yard. LaVerne was the epitomy of health when I met him several years ago. He was always entertaining, and witty, especially when we talked football. Verne's charismatic nature made people feel comfortable around him. As a gentleman and protector, he always opened the car door for Jeanette and myself. We loved eating at the Chop House and just celebrating life. I always looked forward to spending time with Verne and Jeanette. Now, Jeanette you and I will celebrate Verne's life as he smiles from heaven. Love you!

Tim and Patti Danbom

October 18, 2020

Jeannette is my godmother and I've known Verne a long time. He was a very classy, friendly guy, and I could tell he loved Jeannette very much. All our love and prayers go your way.
Love, Tim Danbom

Donna Bruner

October 18, 2020

Read the obituary. Nice picture of Verne. I know it's hard because you were close. Lots of wonderful years. I guess time will ease the loss somewhat. I am sorry it had to happen.
Love, Donna